Marketing your Beauty Business using Social Media

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Social media marketing is a great thing, most of all because it’s completely free, but get it right, and you could successfully see your business grow in leaps and bounds.

Via social media you can reach a wide audience, as well as a targeted audience. You can build loyal followers, build your reputation and increase word of mouth for your business. All this sounds great doesn’t it? But how do you go about marketing your beauty business?

Marketing for Beauty Businesses

Social media marketing is great for many businesses, but it’s particularly beneficial for those working in salons and hair dressing. This is because there is a huge beauty following online. According to Papillon Events who offer luxury wedding events in and around London find beauty professionals for their clients through social media streams.

With many turning to the world wide web to seek beauty and hair inspiration, the online beauty world is thriving, and this is something not to be missed. Take advantage of this for your business and use social media to increase your clientèle.

Whilst social media marketing is free to carry out, of course it does take time, and if you were to build successful platforms you would need to be able to access them regularly, so as to respond to interaction, keeping your ‘followers’ happy and working to increase business, but it’s worth the effort and well worth investing time into!

Using Social Platforms to Attract New Clients

The beauty business is an exciting one, and one the public like to get involved with, and so by building a great social media strategy you can increase your clientèle, and keep your current clients engaged too.

Do this by:

Posting inspiring movements in the beauty industry, this could be a new product launch, a report on new trends, a hair style you know your clients will love, or a new treatment that’s just hit the market.
Share your treatments; just completed a great re-style? Take a photo and share it. Created an impressive manicure for a client? Share that too. Show your followers what you can do.
Share your deals, promotions, and new treatments so that your clients can benefit from your great offers.
Share insider tips that you know your followers couldn’t get else where, it’s great to give a little something back to loyal clients and followers.

Using social media, you will want to entertain, inform and engage users, giving them a reason to follow your pages. Make your pages exciting, informative and fun! Make people actively want to follow you and choose your salon over others.

Social media platforms to take note of for your beauty business:


Top tip: Do some market research and find out what the big beauty brands are doing, and what smaller salons and other hairdressers are doing too. From this you will get a gist of what works and what doesn’t and start to build an understanding of what might work for your brand.

Social media marketing can seem tricky to begin with but that’s where we are here to help. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing posts with you to help you along the way, offering advice for each individual social media platform and how to use them to your advantage, so keep your eyes peeled!

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