Hairstyling Trends for 2015

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At fashion shows, people tend to focus on the clothes but hair is almost always carefully styled to be just as on-trend and up-to-the-minute. Recent fashion shows have unveiled the clothing collections of major brands for the coming year, and these shows have also revealed some interesting trends that look set to define hairstyling through the course of 2015. Many models took to the catwalk displaying a wide variety of styles and looks, but a few themes dominated.

Simple Chic

Simplicity has been very much the defining feature of most hairstyles seen on models at major fashion shows lately. Many of the styles have been straightforward and minimalist, but the leading hairdressers who have styled the models have found various ways to implement this basic premise.

Some models took this to the extreme. The neatly-brushed but near-natural look with a simple centre parting has been seen repeatedly in international events lately. Others have taken a similar approach but with a side rather than centre parting, or have pulled the hair right back. Those who haven’t been quite as simple and straightforward in their looks have used hairspray or gel to give some extra shape, or put the hair into a loose, low ponytail.

Crimping is Back

Until recently, crimping has been stuck in limbo. It’s been considered a very 1990s way to style your hair – old enough to seem dated but not to have any vintage charm. Now, however, people are starting to realise that crimping can actually look pretty good. In fact, more than that, crimping is decidedly back and has been seen spicing up otherwise simplistic styles at recent events and fashion shows.

If your crimpers have long since been taken to a charity shop, thrown in the bin, or lost beyond recovery at the back of a dusty attic, it might be time to replace them. Alternatively, it is possible to crimp your hair very effectively using straighteners. Put your hair into small, slim plaits and then clamp them repeatedly up and down with your straighteners. Repeat until you have covered the full length of the plait a few times, and then release your newly-crimped hair for the world to see.

Gel and Wet Look

Gels, particularly visible gelling that creates a wet look, is very much in at the moment and looks set to stay that way throughout 2015. This is partly because, as mentioned above, gels have proved a useful way to style and shape loose hair when the fashion is very much one of simplicity. However, beyond the purely practical benefits, gels have become popular and stylish as a way to accomplish the wet look.

The wet look has been utilised for a few different purposes recently. Plenty of models have been seen with slicked-back wet look hair for a sleek and minimalist effect. Others have shaped their hair and focussed the gel around the scalp, So their hair has wet look roots with relatively dry-looking yet exquisitely shaped body.

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