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If you are getting tired of your hair looking more-or-less the same every day, then obviously it’s about time to try something new. However, you may worry that you lack the skills or ideas to do so, especially if you are hoping for something a little more elaborate or different from anything you’ve done before.

There are a few simple hairstyling techniques that you should be able to pick up quite quickly. These could help you to subtly or completely alter the way you do your hair, and create a new look without the need to spend excessive time or effort on styling it each morning.

Try Different Plaits

If you often use plaits in your hair styling – or even got tired of plaits and gave up on them long ago – it might be time to try doing them differently. You could simply incorporate more strands, which will create a slightly different-looking braided effect for a subtle change. The principle of plaiting with four strands is the same as with three – move the strands from the outside to the gap in the middle repeatedly. In theory, you can braid any number of strands but you will probably run out of fingers before you ever manage more than six.

Alternatively, try out a herringbone plait. This creates a more thoroughly different and very fetching look. Divide your hair into two strands, then separate a little hair from the left strand and bring it over to join with the right. Then, take roughly the same amount of hair from the strand on the right and bring it over to the left. Repeat until you have a herringbone effect through the full length of your hair.

Try More Plaits

Perhaps, rather than changing how you do things, the trick is to try turning what you already know into something slightly more elaborate. Try doing two or more plaits and then combining them into a new style. This doesn’t mean just dividing your hair into two halves and plaiting it into pigtails, unless you want to end up looking like a schoolgirl.

Instead, you could try plaiting three separate strands of hair, and then plaiting those together into one bigger, more intricate plait. Or you could try plaiting two smaller strands from each side of your head halfway down, and then bringing them together in the middle and plaiting the remaining hair together. In short, try to not simply create multiple plaits but to find ways to combine them into new styles.

Let it Hang Loose

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. Rather than searching for more elaborate ways to style your hair, it might be worth letting it simply hang loose. However, this doesn’t have to mean just doing nothing to your hair except perhaps giving it a quick brush. Rather, it involves finding other ways to make your hair look interesting that you might not technically count as styling.

For example, if your hair is naturally straight you could try curling it for a new, interesting and enviable look even when it hangs loose. Alternatively, you may wish to try using hair accessories and ornaments to make your loose or minimally-styled hair look a bit more interesting with next to no effort. There are many possibilities to try.

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