Where to Find Hairstyle Inspiration

-- Posted: November 11, 2014 -- By: Jennie

Hair can be an interesting and useful way to express yourself, especially if you take pride in your appearance and enjoy trying out new looks. However, over time it can be harder and harder to find new and interesting ways to style your hair, or to come up with fresh ideas about how to style it creatively.

If you keep finding yourself stuck for hairstyle ideas, there are a number of places you can look for inspiration. This can help you discover new things to try, creative ways to arrange your hair, and new looks to show the world.


Magazines may well be your first port of call when you are looking for hairstyle inspiration, but if not then you should seriously consider them as a place to look. For a cover price of a few pounds, you will get pages and pages of large, glossy photos showing people who have had their hair professionally styled in a whole host of interesting ways. Depending on what kind of magazine you buy, of course, you may even be presented with articles that are specifically devoted to giving you hairstyle ideas complete with tutorials. Whether you want to directly imitate what you find or use it as inspiration for variants of your own creation, magazines are one of the riches sources of hairstyle inspiration around.

People Around You

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and people around you can be an excellent source of hairstyle inspiration. Pay attention to the hairstyles of friends, family members and coworkers to see what they have done and whether there are any ideas that could be useful. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they achieved something that looks interesting or difficult. Naturally, people might not appreciate having their hairstyles copied wholesale, so look for ideas and techniques that you can build on rather than a complete style to recreate. You could even try paying attention to the hair of others, such as fellow commuters as you sit bored on the train, but obviously you should be careful about making it look like you are staring.


Sometimes taking hair accessories as a starting point and then finding a way to incorporate them into a wider hairstyle is a great way to come up with new ideas. Try collecting all the hair accessories you have – especially those you might not have used in a long time and are looking at with fairly fresh eyes – and thinking about what sort of hairstyle they might look nice with and how you can use them in your hair. Try buying new accessories, ornaments and decorations for your hair as well. Very cheap hair accessories can be useful, as you can buy a lot of them to experiment with and even if they break quite quickly they may well have survived long enough to give you ideas.